WR 134 – Ring Nebula (Wolf-Rayet Bubble)

WR 134

Ring Nebula (Wolf-Rayet Bubble in Cygnus)

Shedding their outer envelopes


This colorful cosmic snap shot covers a field of view about the size of the full Moon within the boundaries of the constellation Cygnus. It highlights the bright edge of a ring-like nebula traced by the glow of ionized hydrogen and oxygen gas. Embedded in the region’s interstellar clouds of gas and dust, the complex, glowing arcs are sections of bubbles or shells of material swept up by the wind from Wolf-Rayet star WR 134, brightest star near the center of the frame. Distance estimates put WR 134 about 6,000 light-years away, making the frame over 50 light-years across. Shedding their outer envelopes in powerful stellar winds, massive Wolf-Rayet stars have burned through their nuclear fuel at a prodigious rate and end this final phase of massive star evolution in a spectacular supernova explosion. The stellar winds and final supernovae enrich the interstellar material with heavy elements to be incorporated in future generations of stars.

The Ring Nebula in Cygnus


Technische Karte


ObjektWR 134
TeleskopCelestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph 11″
AufnahmekameraZWO ASI 1600MM PRO
Montierung iOptron CEM60
NachführungGuidescope 130mm, ZWO ASI 120MM
FilterBaader 3.5 / 4nm f/2 Ultra-Highspeed-Filter-Set 50x50mm (H-alpha / O-III / S-II), Baader R, G, B (2″)
ZubehörStarizona Filter Slider,  Celestron Focus Motor for SCT
Aufnahmedauer42.25 hours, H-Alpha: 270×180″& 45×300″ OIII: 330×240″, Red/Green/Blue each: 120×30″
Aufnahmedatum10 nights from May to September 2021



ZWO Astronomy Picture of the Week (#43/2021) – Link zur Publifikation


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